Review of Bowmanville’s Annual Applefest 2018 Part 2 by Bill Wilkat Oct. 14, 2018

Review of Bowmanville’s Annual Applefest 2018 Part 2 by Bill Wilkat Oct. 14, 2018

In Part one I told you about some of the things you can expect to see and enjoy when attending Bowmanville’s Annual Applefest, and there always seems to be something new each year so it’s a good excuse to visit year after year!

Among the goodies being sold this year: Sprucewood Handmade Cookies from the town of Cobourg, artisanal flavoured honey from Royal Meadows (I purchased some from both of these outfits as they were so tasty), high quality summer sausage and salami from Speziale Fine Foods where they will, (like most of the vendors present), give you a sample to try before you buy, freshly made barbecued skewers featuring Liko’s Hawaiian BBQ Sauce that you could have for lunch and then buy some bottles of the sauce to make it at home.

In addition, the usual fare of hotdogs, hamburger’s, snow cones, popcorn, poutine and of course you could buy Ontario maple syrup and maple products like maple butter, or spun maple fluff which like cotton candy melts in your mouth.  Spices, homemade jams, pickles, pies, turnovers, cakes–something for everyone.

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Then there are the vendors selling hand-crafted items which include knitted and quilted goods as well as leather products from Hide & Seek Custom Leather Belts and Finishings.  I bought a high quality leather belt that was custom-fitted for me in a matter of minutes by Lana Danielson and I was lucky enough to get it a bargain “clearance price” (being in the right place at the right time is always a good thing!).  She also sells some premium handmade leather guitar straps which I’ll keep in mind for the future as these, like her handmade leather belts, are made to last a lifetime, and often the ones I have on my guitars don’t cut it.  It was fun chatting with her too as I soon discovered that like me she’s also a musician; a drummer—how cool is that?  If there’s something you’re looking for send her an e-mail at:, or give her a call at: (416)998-3051.

Hide & Seek Custom Leather Belts & Finishings

Now if none of these things appeal you, your little ones will still love the rides in the small amusement park that was set up with a Ferris wheel, Dragon train, spinning table ride (these always make me turn green LOL!), etc.

Failing that, try your hand at axe throwing in the safe confines of fenced in trailer where you can’t cause any injuries but still embarrass yourself if you can’t hit the targets LOL!  There was also a brave young man allowing himself to get dunked into a cold water bath in an effort to raise money for the Clarington Swim Club—I admired his dedication because it was darn chilly and the sun kept disappearing behind the clouds—we had on warm jackets and this poor lad was persevering in his swim trucks; dripping wet.

My apologies to all the other Bowmanville shops and vendors that I did not mention in this post as there are too many to list–but for visitors that’s just another bonus to discover when the come!

Even if you don’t end up buying anything, although it’s impossible to resist locally grown apples, or treats like apple fritters or candied apples, the kids really enjoy the outing, and the Fire Dept. is always on hand to let children and adults climb into a fire engine and examine the gear they use to fight fires and rescue people.  They also handed out the ever-popular plastic fire helmets that even I can remember owning when I was a tot, and now they even have them in pink for the little ladies! 

So put it on your calendar for next year—you’ll not only be helping to support your local economy but having a great time as well.  Local shops and restaurants in the downtown core are also open to serve you as well. And, as always, parking is free, just like admission; so there’s no surprises when you get here. See you next year!

Bonus:  This year the Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue organization featured exhibition at the Bowmanville Heritage Centre on Temperance street just a short block north of King street, where they had a number of rescued animals that you could see and in some cases even pet, which children (and my wife Vicki LOL!) always enjoy—coming into contact with a skunk or a ground-hog is not a routine occurrence in our day-to-day lives—but no need to worry you won’t get sprayed or bitten LOL!  They had a beautiful Bobcat there when we dropped in but this is one of the animals that are “hands-off”, so you need to respect that.  The exhibit will be on from October 2018 until May 2019 so don’t miss it!

Donations always needed and greatly appreciated–thank-you!

Please consider a donation to the Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue Organization