Review of Ricardoes Café Red Restaurant Port Macquarie NSW AU. by Bill Wilkat 2018/11/22

Review of Ricardoes Café Red Restaurant Port Macquarie NSW AU.

Trio of Dips With Turkish Flatbread

Located ten minutes north of Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast of NSW sits a fun café called Ricardoes that serves up some tasty meals featuring locally grown products in a relaxed atmosphere where you can also shop for fresh strawberries, tomatoes, jams, hot sauces, and much more. They are known for their tomatoes but that’s definitely not the only reason to stop by, as you can see in the following photos.

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After doing some sightseeing in the area, we stopped in for lunch and to snoop in their shop as well.  I ordered the Chicken Caesar wrap and while it was a little large for me, I ate most of it all the same LOL.  I also ordered a coffee (referred to a “flat white” here in Australia), that was nicely presented and that I thoroughly enjoyed—it’s essentially a regular coffee with heated milk, but tastes much more like a Cappuccino.  They served the chicken wrap with some carrot on the side but I think I would have preferred that added to the wrap as well as it complimented the flavours really well.  Ben’s long time delightful friend Cheryl, (our wonderful host and guide during our stay), ordered the Beer Battered Flathead fish and it was very tasty and well prepared.  Ben opted for the Trio of Dips with toasted oil brushed Turkish bread and shared a bit of our plates in place of a full meal—they included an olive tapenade that was too salty for my tastes but the Chutney style and spiced dips were fine and paired well with the Turkish bread.

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My wife Vicki ordered the Battered salt & pepper squid with the Greek salad but asked them to serve it without the feta and balsamic dressing which was to be replaced with a simple oil and vinegar dressing.  However it was served with a far too spicy sweet chilli style dressing instead that spoiled it for her even though the squid was tender and well prepared with a very crunchy coating.

Here’s the main menu to check out:

Despite the small “faux pas” on the salad dressing, the food was otherwise quite good and I’d recommend it for a quick lunch and would not hesitate to eat there again.

Chicken Wrap

NOTE: If you find yourself in this beautiful part of the country, be sure to stop in at places like the Koala Hospital and one of the oldest wineries in the country called the Douglas Vale Historic Homestead (see my review of this winery–click here).




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