About Me


Bill Wilkat with one of the many guitars he built at his former biz “Wilkat Guitars”

I’m Bill Wilkat, born in the Netherlands but raised in Canada from the age of 2 after my parents immigrated to this great country and settled into the historic city of Montreal. I lived there most of my life until I resettled in the province of Ontario and currently reside in the town of Bowmanville.

I’m a retired self-taught Luthier, a career path that I chose for 14 years as owner of Wilkat Guitars, and one that I wanted to follow since I was 10 years old and built my first cigar box instrument. For many years I pursued other careers in customer engineered mechanical equipment, and architectural design drafting. I have been a guitar and bass player since the age of 12 and would have loved to have been able to make a living in the music industry, but did it as a hobby instead. I’m an amateur home cook and never wanted to dabble with food prep. after having worked some summers with my late father who was a professional chef. However, I learned to enjoy cooking and creating and tweaking recipes, and now I felt was a good time to share some of my experiences past and present. I post reviews online for restaurants, as well as for places I’ve visited, so I think there might be something interesting here for just about everybody, and I hope you agree and join me as I blog about my recipes, discoveries, pastimes, etc.

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