Products That I’ve Tested And Use

Products That I’ve Tested And Use: 

Over the years we all buy products that have delighted us or disappointed us. Well, today I’d like to talk about a few of them and let you know if they are good or bad or if I’d buy them again. I hope you find this helpful since it can save you time and money. If you are considering purchasing any of these products I hope my experience can help. Or perhaps you are looking at some similar products and need more detail?

For your convenience, I’m also providing links to these products so you can check out current prices and determine who has the best deals. My pet peeve is shopping in stores that often seem to be “out of stock”. I do prefer to examine products “hands-on” whenever I can. It’s very frustrating and wastes both my time and money when there’s no inventory. Consequently, I do a lot more online shopping nowadays and seek out sellers who make it simple and easy to return unsatisfactory goods.

Sadly many retail businesses have gone bankrupt because they forgot the most important rules of selling products. “The Customer Is King” still applies in my book!

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes:

I’d like to begin with a simple product that despite searching my local grocers I was unable to find—namely salt flakes. Now you make think “What’s the big deal it’s only salt?” and that might be true for some, but if you like to cook, the ingredients you use are of paramount importance.

Recently I bought a box of Maldon Sea Salt Flakes. They shipped from the UK and are exactly what I was looking for. These are salt shavings used for seasoning food at the time of serving. They are also useful for general seasoning as you have better control over the amount of salt applied. However, coarse Kosher salt crystals work fine for general seasoning and are more readily available.

Try the Maldon Sea Salt Flakes, and you’ll likely not go back to using a salt shaker. Using these flakes, I never over-season and get a perfect hit of saltiness where needed. Sprinkle a little on top of your steak and you’ll know exactly what I mean!

Disposable K-Cup Filter Papers:

We have a Keurig coffee maker and use refillable coffee pods. As such, we purchase disposable paper filters that are biodegradable and can be tossed into our composite bin. We’ve bought these a number of times and our current favourite are Estilo 0017C 300 Disposable Replacement K-Cup Filters manufactured by Greenco. They fit perfectly, filter the fine grains of coffee and get the job done every time!

FROZ-CUP 2.0-6 Refillable/Reusable K Cups:

The reusable K-Cup pods we purchased are also holding up very well. They work in many of the Keurig machines. Ours is a 500 series machine and we’ve had no problems using these. But, we found that by using them together with the paper filters (see above) we could eliminate the coffee grains in the bottom of our cups. They are fairly well made and should last quite a long time. We use them daily and have had them for about 2 years.

UGREEN Car Phone Holder Gravity Phone Mount:

Virtually everyone has a cell phone nowadays and we all need a way to mount it “hands-free” in our cars. I found a model that works really well and mounts on the horizontal centre air vents in our older model Honda Accord. We find it ideal when using our phone as a GPS. It fits a variety of mobile phones and many different vehicles.

Messermeister EGS-08C 8-Inch Chef’s Edge Guard

I recently did a review of these knife guards and you can read about them at this link.

Digital Kitchen Scale

This is an interesting product but well worth having if you do a lot of cooking. I discovered this one had more than one brand name which is not unusual in today’s global market. However, it also means that it will sell at different prices so you do need to shop carefully. The Gourmia GKS9190 Nutrition Scale Tempered Glass Kitchen Scale with Calorie Counter & Digital Touchscreen Display is identical to the one we purchased last year and is very simple to use. It’s a clean design and provides both metric and imperial measurements and nutritional data.

There are many digital scales on the market but for the price, we are happy with this one and it does the job well.


So, of the above Products That I’ve Tested And Use, I can honestly recommend all of the above. I would not hesitate to buy them again. I apologize if this post seems like one big page of ads because largely it is. But, I’m also giving you my honest opinions on these products and I do use them, like them, and endorse them for that reason.